Smart Life Integration not working

Following all the YAML examples to try and get Smart Life app to show up in HASSIO. Nothing. Like… nothing. Config checks out. Passwords, login, platform, country code… it does nothing. Is this still supported? Finding very little in the way of support on this.

  username: [email protected]
  password: xxxx
  country_code: 32
  platform: smart_life

To be 100% sure, create a scene in smart life and see if it gets pulled in. Not all devices which are supported by Tuya are supported by the integrations, but scenes always work.

What do you mean it does nothing? Do you see any of the expected devices at Developer Tools > States?

There must be some magic in tattle-telling. That, or I was just too impatient. Overnight, even though the system never notified me, the devices all showed up. Here is my configuration:

    platform: "smart_life"
    username: "my login email"
    password: "my password"
    country_code: 1

It seems to require that quotes be placed on platform, user name, and password, but NOT on country code… but perhaps that’s not the case.

At any rate, it’s now working. Next I must figure out how to get the dimmer function to work on one of the switches. Just installed a FEIT dimmer (bought from Costco). Discovered it was controllable via Tuya/Smart Life. The app works fine, now just want to get it dialed in with HA.

Thanks for the follow up. Great to see how responsive the community is for us noobs. Much appreciated!