Smart slyder sliding door patio auto open close and lock

Hi everyone

Has anyone used smart slyder ?
Apparently some users have requested API access which they give but I’m not sure if these are home assistant users .


Ok so I found some more information. I found their API documentation and wanted to get some insights from the community.

Here’s a basic outline of the API:


  • Method: POST
  • Input Parameters:


"refresh_token" : "your_refresh_token_here"


  • Response:


"statusCode": 200, 
"access_token": "your_access_token_here", 
"token_type": "Bearer"


Device List:

  • Method: GET
  • URL: your_api_endpoint_here
  • Headers:

Authorization: Bearer <access_token>

  • Response:


"statusCode": 200, 
"room_lists": [ 
    "room_name": "room_name_here", 
    "device_list": [ 
        "device_id": "device_id_here", 
        "devicename": "device_name_here", 
        "petpass": [ 
            "slot": "1", 
            "name": "pet_name_here"


Based on this API documentation, can anyone help explain how I can call these APIs within Node-RED or Home Assistant without needing an official HACS integration? Specifically, I’m interested in understanding the following:

  1. How to authenticate and obtain the access_token using Node-RED or Home Assistant.
  2. How to make subsequent API calls (like retrieving the device list) using the access_token.
  3. Any examples or flows that could help streamline this integration.

Appreciate any insights or examples you can share!


First off I’ve never seen that product and it’s super cool - it’s something I’ve searched for over years - but wow it’s expensive for what it is!

As for your question, it’s standard Oauth2 calls, so you only need that access token once, then you use the refresh token to keep it going. If it were me, I would use pyscript to use the access token to get my refresh tokens and store it in a variable or helper, then subsequent calls just execute the refresh to get a new token and then you can issue commands.

I’m sorry, I don’t know enough about Node Red to make that work there, but doing it via HA is possible otherwise. You could probably use other things like REST sensors to get the tokens and stash the keys, it might just be a longer way around than pyscript.

thanks so much

i’l lbe able to work it out

my only worry with this unit is the manual operation is not too user friendly. kind of a string you pull etc to open. so my partner may not like it too much.

That’s one of my problems with those kinds of devices, even ones I create myself, how to strike the balance between not prohibiting or limiting manual operation but still getting automation too.

This is what buttons, switches and NFC tags are for to mix and match control methods based on what is the most convenient at the time.

I installed one of these just about two weeks ago. I have mixed feelings but slightly erring towards positive.

To @CO_4X4’s point, it is a little expensive. They seem to be encouraging people to put these on every window in their marketing… that’s never going to happen. It’s too much and too slow. Even if I were a billionaire, it’s just not to the point where I’d have it on every window.

Where it has been great is automating the sliding glass door to my patio. Like many owners of such a door, I’ve never felt like the standard latch lock is terribly secure, so we took to putting a physical block to keep it from sliding. But of course, there’s no way to place or remove that from the outside, so it was never great for leaving through the back door. This largely fixes that by essentially functioning as a dead bolt.

Of course the main feature is “automated” opens and closes. And … it’s not great, honestly. It’s just… “good enough” It’s a lot slower than you probably want it to be. I’ve gotten used to it… but it’s definitely slower than just pulling and pushing the door open and closed with your hand. I’d liken it to the difference between manual and automated garage door openers (which is pretty much how it works)

which leads to that release string @Joel_DE was talking about. Honestly, that’s more of an emergency feature than a day to day operation. Again, like the pull release on a garage door. In fact, I’d worry about it wearing out if it was used too often.

As far as interface, I really hope you can figure it out @Joel_DE. Because right now it isn’t really integrated into anything. It doesn’t work with HomeKit, so you have to launch a custom app on your phone or watch in order to open or close the door and that’s just ridiculously inconvenient. And the watch app is quite buggy. And if you had any other smart watch… you’re out of luck I guess. It does integrate with Alexa and Google Home, but in the worst possible way… you just tell door to open and close and it does… so you’d be entirely giving up security if you used it. You can set a PIN… but since it’s verbal and not user specific, the first time you used it in earshot of a neighbor you’re essentially giving away the key to your house.

There are little key fobs you can buy that can also double as doggie door passes. Those work pretty good, but now I’m basically carrying another thing on my keychain… which is so anti what I want as a smart home enthusiast. But if I could trigger it with a random NFC reader keyed to something I already carry… no we’d be talking.

So yeah… I’ll be following this closely and rooting for you.

Thanks so much for that detailed response it really helps

This just would not pass my partner acceptance. If it was faster and not as loud I would consider.

I do like the safety aspect though. My friend’s house was burgled last year and they went through his patio door very easily. So I’m still thinking about this but need to think about it a lot more.

If you want security you install a proper screen door from the likes of crimsafe or your local equivalent, same goes for windows and reinforce doors with proper strike plates, longer screws with said plates and install lift blockers on the doors.

I have a crimsafe screendoor with 3 point locking then have a security bar setup installed at the window that has easiest access to my place to prevent access. Anything else needs a long ass ladder to even get to those windows.