Smart Socket/Plug Zigbee or Zwave for Europe (Type F)

Hello folks.

What options do European users have?

The main objectives are to integrate with HA and verify consumption. Additionally turn ON and OFF function.

I know fibaro and aeotec. But the prices are extremely high for their functions.

Looking for something with a unit price <20/25 €

Thanks in advance

€ 18,70 42%OFF | NEO Coolcam Z-WAVE PLUS NAS-WR01ZE EU Smart Power Plug Socket Home Automation Alarm System Home Z Wave 868.4MHz Video Frequency

Hum nice @Emphyrio.

Any Zigbee option to ?

Tradfri plug? Its zigbee and you can control it with Deconz. Also the OSRAM plugs are really good and can even connect to hue.

The Tradfri plug does not have consumption readings.

Xiaomi Zigbee Plug + EU Adapter

Not asked but my favorite: blitzwolf shp6 Flashed with Tasmota (WIFI/MQTT)

Edit: these are Wi-Fi devices and not Zigbee! I’ve got a couple off Blitzwolfs model SPH-2 and flashed them with ESPHome.

Frenck has a nice article on this subject on his website:

The Blitzwolfs model SPH-2 is not Zigbee. It is an ESP8285 based Wifi device. I have it and took it apart and reflashed it. No zigbee chip in it

In short,

Zwave --> NEO Coolcam Z-WAVE PLUS NAS-WR01ZE EU
Zigbee --> Xiaomi Zigbee Plug + EU Adapter

I think OSRAM plug do not measure consumption.

Wifi socket options abound at very affordable prices. But I was avoiding using equipment without ZIGBEE or ZWAVE chips.

If anyone remembers any more, thank you for sharing

There quite a few EU type sockets - both replacement wall sockets, and plugins

You’re absolutly right! I was confused. Sorry for the mis communication!

I’m also fan of Neo Coolcam for Power Sockets

OSRAM looks very solid, but doesn’t measure the consumption (and I need this for some automatons)