Smart switch feedback

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a smart switch (with battery) that i can use it to run an automation or switch on/off a light…

i found this on aliexpress but i don’t know if i can connect it to my HomeAsisstant

Any idea before i buy it ?

Thank you

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It says it’s Tuya device and Tuya has integration so most likely yes

You’re right ! this should work.

Thank you

Don’t know where you live but the IKEA has the same thing but cheaper.
SYMFONISK Sound remote, white - IKEA

Not sure about the long press and press and turn though.
I haven’t tried that.

Oh ! indeed you right, seems the samething.

And is this bouton can be associated to my scripts and automations ?

Thank you

The Symfonisk works with any Zigbee gateway (Zigbee2mqtt, ZHA), no need to buy the Ikea gateway (best not, you will not like it). That Tuya button requires a Tuya Zigbee gateway, and I have not seen it on any list as supported by Zigbee2MQTT or ZHA.

As I said, i have not tried the triple click and the click and twist.
If these are needed for you then you need the tuya.

I think triple click can be done software wise.
Not sure about click and twist.

The IKEA version has single, double, and triple click and rotate.
Nothing more.
More clicks can probably be done with software but long press and click and rotate is probably not possible.
I could not get any event fired when doing that.

Hello again,

I have xiaomi gateway 3, is this can connect to IKEA Devices ?


Don’t know specifically with that gateway.
But open the device and click five times on the button to enter pairing mode.


Juste for your information, Ikea devices can’t be associated to Xiaomi Gateway, only bulb can be.

For my case i must buy Ikea hub or USB Zigbee device

Thanks for your help

Huh, that was a surprise.
Have you tried to reset the IKEA device?
Press and hold for 10 seconds, then pair it with five clicks.

I have heard nothing good about the IKEA gateway.
Conbee works fine from personal experience.

Don’t buy the Ikea Gateway. You can’t use any Ikea remote with it in Home Assistant. With the Ikea Gateway, they only pair to bulbs or other mains powered devices.