Smart Table Lamp Light Socket

One major issue I am running into is smart outlets I use that are powering table lamps. The idea was to use motion sensors to power on the outlets when people are in the room. People turn lights or off at will - whatever is left on will eventually go off when nobody is in the room.

Running into a situation where motion is sometimes not sensed to turn on the outlets and it’s dark for an people who cannot turn on the light switch and can cause a safety issue.

Ideally there should be a table lamp light bulb socket switch that itself can be turned on or off by both a manual shmechanism by someone sitting next to the lamp or a motion sensor so either are not dependent upon one another. If it is turned off remotely the user should still be able to turn on the lamp manually.

I had a similar issue with my office, at the moment I am testing a presence sensor, it wasn’t to pricey but after a week it seems to be doing the job, even if I am sat still at my desk the light does not go off until I leave the room. could be a solution for you?

You are right in that a better sensor would be a good idea. I don’t have the motion turn on the light. I have the light turn on when a dedicated timer starts, and then when the timer ends the light goes off. Then if the motion sensor senses motion, it (re)starts the timer. This way if people don’t move for a little while, then they are not suddenly in the dark.

My situation is someone isn’t able to turn on the lamp when the motion sensor doesn’t work or doesn’t work quickly enough to turn on the outlet, so there is frustration because they cannot turn on the lamp and afterwards when the motion sensor does work or kicks in, there is still no light because they had just turned the lamp off when they are trying to turn it on.

What brand/model is the motion sensor?

I completely understand, I am testing this presence sensor for my elderly mum, who doesn’t really move enough to keep setting a motion sensor off, it’s this one…

Presence sensor

It will connect to a Conbee2 stick, that’s what I have, but if you want to adjust sensitivity it will have to run through a Tuya gateway.

If you need anything else, just shout.

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