Smart thermostat with Home Assistant capabilities?

I need to replace my room thermostat / temperature controls which controls my underfloor heating.
However these are 3-wire 24V thermostat with Normally Open which is somewhat unique I think.
I got the idea today that it would be amazing to replace the thermostats with something like the Sonoff NSPanel, where it is part thermostat and part able to control Home Assistant.
However the NSPanel does not have the ability to connect the 3 cables from my underfloor heating. Are there any products that can do this?

I would love to be able to combine this with a panel which would be able to control Home Assistant and functions like play spotify with the touch of a button and control the music and volume in my ceiling speakers connected with Chromecast Audio.

Is there anything I can use for this?

mayby splitting it apart would enlarge the spectrum of your possibilities?

Use a smart relay for the wires of your heating and smart thermostat apart. The operation of the smart relays can be managed by HA.

This way it does not matter, what u use for the display/thermostat part.