Smarthings Integration

Hey, I just downloaded the latest version of HomeAssistant and I wanted to integrate Smarthings. I was using it with MQTT but I would like to test the integration feature is provided on Home Assistant. I have read the documentation but I couldn’t find what to do when the: “Home Assistant Smart App cannot be found on Smarthings”
When I do all the steps in order to integrate SmartThings, Home Assistant says: “Please install the Home Assistant SmartApp in at least one location and click submit.” - That is because on my Smarthings I do not have Home Assistant as a Smart App and cannot find it in order to install it. So my question is: How can I install Home Assistant Smart App from my Smarthings mobile app?


It could be possible that I don’t find the SmartApp on SmartThings because I’m using “Let’s Encrypt” for the SSL?

  1. Home Assistant setup for remote access via a domain name secured with SSL. Self-signed SSL certificates are not supported by the SmartThings Cloud API.


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No, is not that. Let’s encrypt isn’t a self signed cert…

Any clue?


Download the smart things classic app on your phone, you have to set that up and add the home assistant in that then click submit in home assistant itself to connect them. I set it up the other day and had no problems once I downloaded the smart things classic app and followed the instructions

Solved it - I was login with the incorrect username. I had two samsung account. Now I see it.


@Khaymanoif09 how do you add home assistant in the Smartthings app? I see a My Apps but that is empty and nothing obvious to add something. I am trying to set up the integration from HA but when I add my token and click submit it just sits there and spins. I checked my config against the troubleshooting steps and everything seems good. I can reach HA externally via https so my duckdns set up and router set are ok too. Anyone have any other suggestions to try? I dont get any errors, especially any thing about a smart app.
Much appreciative!

In the classic smart things app under smartapp there should be an option to add a smartapp. All I did was click on that and it found HA so I added it and clicked the continue or submit button which ever it was in HA and it added it, after I restarted HA and reloaded the browser I saw both my light switches I have in smart things on HA and can toggle them and it works from there.

If you follow the steps are in the documentation, believe, you will make it work.

  1. you need your samsung account
  2. Get a token from your something account.
  3. Copy and paste the token - Then the smart app will appear on your Smarthings App.

Thank you, I reread the directions and did all those steps. When I enter my token and hit enter (oddly clicking submit just flashes) I get a spinning circle where the submit button was. Nothing shows up in Smarthings classic. I dont see any errors any where. I can hit my HA instance from the internet via https. The only thing I do see thats odd is after entering log in credentials I get an ssl error but if I remove the (s) it logs in to the dashboard. This is only on an internal pc however. If I log in from my phone cellular its fine.
I use the nginx integration but see that others have it working so dont think thats it. Its really a bummer I cant fiogure out whats wrong.

I probably should have added this before but does this look correct anyone? I just noticed that when I first click on smarthtings integration there is an “error” that the base url must first be configured. Is that my problem?

     ssl_certificate: /ssl/fullchain.pem
     ssl_key: /ssl/privkey.pem

I have integrated smartthings in hassio thanks to perfect guide, everything works well except switches.
Maybe because the integration is exclusively dependent on the classic app that needs a hub?
Does anyone have the same problem?

If you open the newer SmartThings App you’ll see the “Home Assistant” link in there as well. It’s in the automations menu.

Of course, it’s just as you say. I use new app SM and from there everything works fine but from hassio switches don’t go. For example, vacuum robot: sensors are great but I can’t switch it on!

I have the same limitation with my vacuum as well. I’m hoping for expanded control in a future update.

Alternatively you can create a scene in SmartThings to activate/charge the vacuum and those activate in HomeAssistant like a script.


ok, thanks because when something doesn’t work I always think it depends on me that I’m not a genius.
Anyway in SM classic I saw that in automation ifttt I could activate check on switch to make them work while I can’t do the same with automation home assistant: something wrong. Perhaps here is the problem.

If you create a scene in the new ST app it’ll get sent to Home Assistant, in that scene you can have it set to activate the vacuum, or tell it to stop and charge. That’s basically what I’ve done here, then from Home Assistant you activate the scene and boom you have control of the vac in Home Assistant.

Best work around for right now.

Yesss, I was thinking only about the possible causes of the non-functioning of the switches. However I do as said, it is the best solution. For trace state of automations use templates?

I don’t have any automations setup in my ST app so I’m not sure.

Hi has anyone have installed Smart App in new amartthings app? I cant login to classic app and in the new one i have problems since i dont see option to add smatapps

I can’t find it either. Any help would be welcome