SmartIR device does not appear

I have set up ‘SmartIR’ according to the instructions as far as I can tell.

and my configuration.yaml file has:

  custom_quirks_path: quirks/


  - platform: smartir
    name: Bedroom HVAC
    unique_id: bedroom_hvac
    device_code: 1000
    controller_data: 90:39:5e:ff:fe:26:ab:aa
    temperature_sensor: sensor.bedroom_temperature_temperature
    humidity_sensor: sensor.bedroom_temperature_humidity

but nothing appears in ‘entities’ for this device. no ‘remote.’ or ‘bedroom’

What am I doing wrong?

How come you use a MAC address (Silicon Laboratories) for controller_data?

Look up the referring HA entity for controlling your HVAC unit (i.e. an IR blaster or a thermostat or whatever device you use to control that HVAC unit) and put the correct entity behind controller_data:.

Remember to restart HA after having made changes to configuration.yaml.

I did because I was following these instructions:

I tried


but that didn’t work either

How does the ZosungIRBlaster show up as an entity?

HA → Developer Tools → States

I.e. as for our broadlink remotes here it looks like:

using remote.broadlink_rm4c_9_server_room_ac_remote for controller_data

Um… its not there


What shows when typing remote. at “Filter entities”

Nothing there that’s relevant

That Mac-address you used for controller_data (90:39:5e:ff:fe:26:ab:aa) is probably the MAC-address of the coordinator. Thus this can not work correctly for SmartIR.

You must use the entity for that ZosungIRBlaster for configuring controller_data.

Go through your entities. Maybe it is there with a different naming. Else that blaster may not be compatible with zha (or some errors within the quirk).

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I can’t find a name for it. If I go into Manage Zigbee device I can turn the AC on and off by pasting the code. How do I access it from the rest of HA or give it an name? Since I can do it within the “manage zigbee device” I should be able to do it elsewhere?