Smartlife (tuya) without cloud ? (mqtt?)

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I’ve just started with hassio. I’ve configured a couple to smartlife devices using tuya (cloud login/pwd). Is there any way to use those smartlife devices without the cloud account ? (no internet)


did you manage to set it up without cloud?
I’d be very interested in a solution, too.

Are you willing to change the firmware?
I have used this successfully to convert the TUYA devices to another firmware.
Depending on what device you have, you could use Tasmota, ESPHome, or another of your choosing.

The great thing is that if it works you don’t need to open the device.
It is an OTA firmware change by imitating the TUYA update server with your own PC.

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I did it only on 1 device: the sonoff RF bridge. It requires to open it, plug a couple of cables to a usb dongle and run change the firmware… I have not tried on the 2 sockets… just waiting few months more for the market. The zigbee ones are getting cheaper…