Anyone know if these devices work with HA?


Never saw these bulbs before, do you own one?

Just looked at their page, and it all sounds a bit strange to me. Camera, mic, speaker and bulb all in one and only 60 bucks? Then I read a bit more, the bulb records video only to the smartphone as far as I understand, that’s a bad idea. Then they write that the camera even works if you turn the light off, I still don’t get how the bulb should continue working when you turn off the power.

You probably turn the light off with the app, rather than at the wall.

Now that you say it it makes sense this way. This way I think they did some misleading advertisment

…,even when the bulb is turned off, you are still able to turn it back on through the app!

I mean all smart bulbs are able to do this when you don’t cut the power to the bulb…

I don’t have one yet, but some are on the way.


Would be nice to get a review from you once they arrive. I’m especially interested how the recording works when you are outside your home, does it only work while your phone is connected to your home? (That’s how I understood from their description and also how I assume it works as I don’t think the bulbs have inbuilt storage) Just imagine you are on holidays at a place with bad cell phone coverage, someone breaks into your house and your camera doesn’t record because you are not connected to the internet, this would be fatal and make the bulbs useless.

I don’t think you will be able to integrate them into HA (yet). I would ask them if they have an open API.