Smartplugg unintentionally controlled by a motion sensor


I have 2 Telldus plugin-switch Z-wave slim and Aeontec gen 2 USB controller.
The problem is that both plugin-switches are unintentionally and unwanted controlled by other devices on the network.
One plug have been indentified to be controlled by an Aenontec multisensor 6. More specifically the motion sensor on that device.
The other might follow the same multisensor but a different sensor on that device, maybe the lux sensor but I’m not sure.

I have tried to unpair and pair the plugin-switches to the Z-Wave network again but with no change of behaviour.

I have tried to shut off Home Assistant, to see if it’s related to Home Assistant but the problem remained. So it must be a hardware related issue.
However I have no idea on how to solve this.
Is there a identification MAC-Address or similar that can be changed so they don’t operate on the same ID?

Please advise,

Sounds as if your devices are linked in an association group which allows devices to control each others’ behaviours.

I’d recommend going through the Z-Wave control panel and check all entries for the affected devices. Maybe this helps:

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You are absolutley right!
I changed the group association as described in linked documentation and have now monitored the behaviour for 24h and it’s stable.

Thank you so much exxmalte! :slight_smile:

One thing for people that might end up here for the same problem.
You need to change the setting on the device which is doing the broadcasting.
I started by removing associaation group on the device which was behaving uncorrect to no effect.
But when I removed the association group on the sensor the plugs where following - it worked!