Smartthings and Home Assistant

Hi everybody,

I realize I’m not the first to post on this topic but the answers I get, as an HA newbie, don’t help me. Trying to get ST & HA to chat and I get this message:

Home Assistant is not configured correctly to receive updates from SmartThings. The webhook URL is invalid:

Please update your configuration per the instructions, restart Home Assistant, and try again.

So I found answers and the thing I need to do is to add " [Something like](" sadly this is not clear enough for me & my new car smell.

My questions:

  1. This is in configuration.yaml but is there a “preferred” place to add this?
  2. For the line itself where do I find the info for the webhook info/syntax? Could someone paste as a reply a paste of their own?
  3. Anything else I should know? :slight_smile:

Again apologies for asking on something already asked, am running in circles, thanks!!!