SmartThings integration doesn't return a device

(Home Assistant Core 2022.6.7). I successfully completed the integration steps for SmartThings and am not using the Home Assistant Cloud. After I complete step 5 where the new window opens and I login to smarttthings, click allow, etc the steps are complete but when I look at the installed integration in HA, there is no device for it and no entities. I have ran the removal utility hass-smartthings-remove · PyPI with no resolution.

I had it working with the same configuration a few months ago with an older version of HA but had to rebuild due to a corrupt micro SD.

I’ve deleted the integration, created my ST token with necessary permissions, done all this 3 times and no luck. I’ve gone into my SmartThings app and confirmed there is is a device and it is working. Does it have anything to do with the Classic SmartThings app? Any suggestions?