Smoke detector seen as movement sensor in ZHA

I bought from aliexpress a tuya zigbee smoke detector type ER-ZGB-YG.
At first is installed ok and was recognized as smoke detector. Then I mounted it at the ceiling. But the tape did not hold and a day later the sensor dropped to the floor.
After that it would not pair any more so I bought a new one. un-installed the old one and tried to install the new sensor. the strange thing is now that when I pair the new sensor it’s getting recognized as a movement sensor and the device is in the network but not connected to anything.
I have deleted the device several time and reconnected it again but without success. Is there anybody who knows how to get this right?

I found out myself: if you select the zigbee sensor, Clik on the movement entity itself, and then click on the cog. It is possible to change the type of sensor. I selected smoke and now it is working fine.

If an entry is really shown as the wrong device type / device class then it might be a firmware or ZHA bug but regardless it will probably needs a custom quirk to fix it permanently for all so submit it as a bug to ZHA Device Handlers, see → and →