SMTP directly from home assistant

I’m trying to set up the SMTP integration.

Most examples I can find use gmail, but I use 2-factor authentication, so I cannot set up less secure apps to get that working.

Is there a way to send the email from Home Assistant directly (running on my pi)? For example, in PHP I can send an email from whoever I want even if I’m not the true owner of that email - it just may not pass spam filters.

My end goal is to just send an email notification when my sump pump powers on and off (plugged into an energy monitor and I’m getting good readings currently).

Are you not open to setting an app specific password as it suggests?

I both feel stupid and very grateful. Thank you. 17 minutes later, I just received my first text notification successfully.

Now to figure out how to trigger when the energy use from the sump pump rises above 0… I got this.