Snapshot - Password lost

Hi, my hassio installation crashed (sd card is broken) and I’ve forgot the password of the snapshot. Is there a way to restore the files ?

Thanks, Alex

did you managed to get this sorted? I think I’m f*cked =(

If there was a way to break the encryption without the password it would mean that there isn’t much use in applying the password in the first place.


The thing is that i think i didn’t put a password as i usually do and the regular password isn’t working, it’s strange. I can unpack it and see all the other individual tars and i do i have the config folder folder but it’s a pain in the ass to start over…

Are you being prompted for a password?

If not, keep unpacking. Your files are in there, you may need to go a few more steps.

when i try to unpack the individual .tar they get converted from tar.gz to tar.gz.cpgz…
Can i modify the snapshot.json file in the snapshot that has "protected": "2", "crypto": "aes128" in it?

edit: forgot, i’m not being prompted with a password

SOLVED: It turns out i have a faulty shift key in the keyboard :sweat_smile: restored usinh the most recent snapshot.

thanks @silvrr