SNMP Scan interval


Is there a way configure scan interval ?

my code:

  - platform: snmp
    name: PC Uptime
  - platform: snmp
    name: Mini PC Uptime

i didn’t saw any scan interval option in the topic:

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I don’t mean to hijack the thread, but I’ve got a quick question about the scan_interval option:

Should scan_interval work on every integration that does polling in HA?

Yes, it should.

Thanks, I was using the ‘twitch’ integration here - in says in the top-right: IoT class: Cloud Polling:

And I found that even with scan_interval set to 1 min in my YAML, the integration would still access the API over 5 times per second.

Is this a bug? If so would it help to make a github issue for this?

Could be that’s a bug. Yes, please open an issue on GitHub. Thanks.