Snoo Smart Sleeper custom component

This is a custom component to monitor a Snoo Smart Sleeper bassinet. It adds a sensor showing the current status of the Snoo: one of Awake (Snoo is inactive), Asleep, or Soothing. And, if soothing, the current soothing level.

This uses the undocumented Happy Baby API. Controlling the device isn’t possible, as that uses a different mechanism. It doesn’t yet deal with the “Action Stopped” state, as I haven’t tried to upset my baby enough to find out how it is reported by the API. :slight_smile:

Any opportunity here to send commands to the Snoo?
-increase/decrease motion level
-set preferences / default motion levels
-enable/disable motion limiter

Note that it is only possible to read the current status. Sending commands is not supported, and won’t be in the forseeable future.

The web API is read-only. The Snoo uses PubNub to send commands. If you’d like to contribute, there’s been a little conversation in the related github issue about it: