So you want Unifi Protect cameras, but there AREN'T any...what do you choose instead?

Unfortunately I’m stuck in limbo with a Unifi Dream Machine Pro and one camera and an entire UBNT network.

The bottom line? I need some cameras and I can’t wait until August (which is the presumed availability date for stock.)

What camera options do I have that can operate PoE, with night vision, that will integrate with MotionEye through HA that are cheap, good enough for the time being, etc.

I’m tempted to just buy Lorex cameras from Costco, but I’d prefer to find a non-retail price bloated product. What about something from AliExpress?

Anyone have any experience with any of the “overseas” cameras?

Amcrest cameras

5mp about $45

i use IP5M-B1186EW-28MM bullet and IP5M-T1179EW-28MM dome
the dome version has mic

I use these in country where lighting is poor (no street and very little house lighting) and with NO IRs on they clearly show objects 100ft away.
if there is even a little light (1hr after sundown) it looks like daytime. These are very good. Ive had all the ubuiquiti cameras and they were fairly useless under same conditions.