Soffit Lights


I live in Canada.

Currently I have 10 x E26 incandescent bulbs in my soffit. I would like to change these out to LED’s. I’m looking for something that is:
Soft white
Can change colours (blue, red etc) all at the same time.
Can control them all at one from one card within Home Assistant

I believe Philips Hue might work but I don’t have a Zigbee network set up (though I’m not opposed to setting one up). I believe Philips would be the most expensive option, so I’m looking for something cheaper. I also understand it might be a pain to pair all ten Zigbee devices up and then how can I control them in unison?

If some one has experience with this type of setup then could you please point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.

I have a number of Hue lights in the house. Some are ganged together in scenes. It’s only a matter of setting the scene color and brightness. All the lights change concurrently.

That might be your solution, albeit Hue IS expensive.

Anthem Light Bulbs

Hi Rick and Russell
Thanks for the feedback. I checked out Anthem Light Bulbs and was surprised to see they have quite a few products with Tasmota installed. I wonder if that’s an option since all of my smart switches and plugs have been flashed with Tasmota, but it seems / may be getting harder to flash newer models.

Sorry I have never tried. I am sure someone else has. I use WLED to operate mine.