Solar Edge Modbus TCP questions

Hey hey
I managed to get the solaredge modbus tcp workin on my home assistant:
SolarEdge Modbus
So far Ive got a single inverter setup with energy meter (connected to the inverter) and no battery.
Hopefully next week ill get my second inverter as slave connected to my existing one which becomes master. Does the integration still work then?
And Im not sure, if I set up my energy dashboar correctly. All values seem to look good, but one is a bit strange.
I used the following sensors:
the main consumption is: (M1 IMPORTED KWH) - the total amount of imported kwh
the grid export is: (M1 EXPORTED KWH) - the total amount of exportet kwh
and the sunpower is: (AC Energy kWh) - the current amount of sunpower
If I now look at the daily values they’re the same as in my solar edge app.
But the daily energy consumption is different. Yesterday for example I got grid consumption of 44,41kwh and exported -29,93kwh to the grid. So the energy dashboard tells me a daily grid import of 14,48kwh (grid consumption - export). This is wrong, isnt it?
So is this maybe because the export sensor is negative?

And another question to the current grid import/export.
If I import from the grid the sensors value is negative, if I export its positive.
Someone told me usually its the other way round (import positive, export negative).
DId I set up something wrong?