Solar noon offset as a trigger/condition

Newbie here. Hello, I want an automation to trigger 1 hour after the solar noon but I can’t get it to work. I tried a simple automation in order to test it, pasted below. I converted the rising attribute of sun.sun into a sensor like this:

 - platform: template
       value_template: "{{ state_attr('sun.sun', 'rising') }}"

The sensor is showing at the frontend so I assume I did it ok. Then I tried this simple automation, which isn’t working:

- id: '1585398410584'
  alias: Nueva automatización
  description: ''
  - entity_id: sensor.rising
    for: 01:00:00
    platform: state
    to: 'false'
  condition: []
  - device_id: 78a45f0ae1774f1bb6b01b7b69a2ea66
    domain: light
    entity_id: light.q_cocina
    type: turn_on

any help will be much appreciated

Solar_noon seems to exist as an attribute of sun. If you can figure out a way to trigger based on that, you might be able to modify trigger to add 3600s. Or just run at solar noon and have first action be delay 1h.

I solved it. It was a stupid mistake. I believed it wasn’t working because in the sun attributes the solar noon was showing up in UTC. So by the time I thought it wasn’t working, it actually hadn’t triggered yet. It’s finally triggered, thanks anyways

does anyone know how to extract the exact time of solar noon in the attribute next_noon under sun.sun? I mean, I managed to extract it but I don’t know how to turn into a time trigger/condition with a 4 hours offset