SolarEdge local: Does this still exist?

I had a model ending in “4” installed in January, and I have it hooked up via ethernet over power. I can access the cloud site, but there is no local version. I was informed that I needed it to be over ethernet to have more frequent polling.

SolarEdge Local Api here.

If it doesn’t exist, can we at least mark it as such in the docs? Would probably save a lot of people time.

Same here, installed a solaredge this week, local lan worked for a few days but then stopped. Before i also could acces the comissioning menu. This is not possible anymore, it seems to close after a few days or has updated…
The API connection via the website is correctly working.

I’m thinking they deprecated the local API and gave the cloud API more updates. My current setup is getting a decent amount of updates. Definitely not the once per ten minutes I expected in Jan.