SOLUTION Tag or Filter

HA users post to the Configuration > Frontend category looking for help and other users try to assist them. I recoeved a lot of help from the community so to show my thanks I’m trying to give back and provide help when I could. While doing so I noticed that a lot of the posted have already been solved. As a feature request, is there a way to possibly add a SOLUTION tag and/or filter to the screen as an easy way to show which posts no longer require feedback? Thanks.

The person who started the topic (or forum moderators) can mark a post as a solution, as long as they chose a category (like Frontend).

This is good practice as it helps when others are searching, however not everyone does this unfortunately.

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@tom_l right but marking the post as a SOLUTION doesn’t change how it’s viewed from the main page that shows all of the discussion topics… unless I’m missing something. I think that adding it to one of the places that I marked would be helpful. The two places marked on the left of my screenshot would be the ideal place to show it as solved. The place I marked on the right would be where a SOLVED filter could be placed so a user could filter through the topics and display the unsolved topics first or last depending on your preference.

I think the “easiest” soluttion would be to have a SOLVED tag autopopulated and added to the topic when someone adds the SOLUTION tag to a post within the topic. The attached SOLVED tag would be displayed under the topic name next to the other tags on the main discussion topics screen. Once a topic has the SOLVED tag attached to it then a user could use the existing tag filter on the top of the screen. That would be easier and work better then my suggestion to also add it on the right side with the sort filters. I did check the current tag filter and SOLVED or SOLUTION is currently not used as a tag.


You can filter by status unsolved when using advanced search.


See the tick in your screenshot. It means it is solved.


@nickrout and @HasQT thanks to both of you. I honestly would have never found the “are solved” and “are unsolved” filters under the Advanced Search but yes that works. I also seen the “tick” as I was double checking to make sure that there wasn’t anything already there but thought it was an emoticon that a user added to bring attention to the topic. :ballot_box_with_check: :man_facepalming:

Is there a way to mark a top as having a double solution.? Lol.

Double solution… thanks…