[Solved] Adding IPcam to HA, but only by rtpm

Hello forum,
I just started to setup my Asus TB, as automate server. My plan is not a huge demand, as HA gives to the user.
Now, on my first attempt to get something working, which I’ve already available I’m trying to add my two IPcam to HA.

The documentation describes only the way to play in a RTSP format, but these cheap IPcam from oriental manufacturer doesn’t include a sufficient information on what I can address to get the streaming from the RTSP protocol.

The camera are pretty common (not clear what brand are they) and several programs may handle them, it’s my information not enough to get the correct address to the link. I can get the play the stream by ffplay, or by vlc, but this is what I could capture from the camera web-ui and it’s only RTPM protocol. The RTPS and ONVIF protocols are available too, but there are no details where to get the stream started.

I’m mentioning about RTSP, because it’s the only one which the HA docs describe for making the setting.

The mac address shown in that youtube clip resolves to this manufacturer: DICNA CONTROL AB. Unfortunately there was no information for this camera maufaturer in the ispy database.

Have you tried the rtps port in VLC:




Thank you for the reply.
The vlc doesn’t work with such RTSP, neither with the required UID and PW. VLC reply that it faces an error.

cvlc rtsp://UID:PW@IP_ADDR:554
VLC media player Vetinari (revision
[0000559a1b792440] dummy interface: using the dummy interface module...
Created new TCP socket 11 for connection
[00007fa6600010f0] live555 demux error: SETUP of'video/H264' failed 400 Bad Request
[00007fa6600010f0] live555 demux error: SETUP of'audio/PCMA' failed 400 Bad Request
[00007fa6600010f0] live555 demux error: Nothing to play for rtsp://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:554
[00007fa66000d130] satip stream error: Failed to setup RTSP session
[00007fa66000d130] access_realrtsp stream error: rtsp session can not be established
[00007fa66000d130] main stream error: Session failed
[00007fa66000d130] main stream error: The requested RTSP session could not be established.
[00007fa66c000c40] main input error: Your input can't be opened
[00007fa66c000c40] main input error: VLC is unable to open the MRL 'rtsp://<cut>:554'. Check the log for details.

BTW, I tried on my laptop, with Archlinux.
But it works if I use

The greatest problem is to find the correct path to the stream.

Other ways that are working are ffplay or rtmpdump. Following the above mentioned scheme.
I don’t have other way to discover how a program can access the stream. I still believe that is a problem to find the correct path, also because it uses a dual language presentation.
I have analyzed the html page but I just got that path working. All the page is mostly windows program oriented.

Basically I’d like to know what HA is using to present the stream on the web-ui. Is there anything that will launch a program streaming with RTMP protocol?

I’m interpreting the page downloaded from the IPcam…
So now I’m able to get a snapshot which might be repeated at some slow rate. That would suffice for a preview :stuck_out_tongue:

I found that we can add a ffmpeg camera. So I tried to play the link I found and the FFMPEG is playing the rtpm. There are some 6~8 seconds lag.
So I have to learn how I can add a second camera :wink:

If you get the phone app called ‘Fing’ it will scan your network for devices and you can then select a device and see what ports it has services on. Try that with your IP cameras to get a bit more info. The app is free

I have the access to IPcam, without a problem on the other computer and smartphone. The only issue was to set the playback on HA.
Now I solved :smiley:

Could you please share your configuration for rtmp cam i have same problem

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