[solved] Air purifier with HEPA without cloud services. Possible?

Hello, I would like to buy an air purifier (with HEPA filter 99.9…%) but I don’t know which brand/models can been fully integrated into home assistant.

Here I found many topic but I didn’t find any certain answer inside.

I was looking at some models from Philips or Levoit (core 300) or Samsung (cube) and Dyson but I am not sure if they work with HA.

To me it is essential that the devices must be completely offline, I don’t want to use cloud services or third party app integration.
It must connect to HA with wifi (locally) or Zigbee or Bluetooth.

Till now, the only two device I found with these characteristics are the Xiaomi (it should work with Zigbee but it has not the HEPA filter) and some Philips models (like AC2887_10, it should work with wifi without internet services but I am not totally sure)

Could you suggest me some models?


Looking into it right now too.

Seems Philips is controllable without cloud services by using: GitHub - rgerganov/py-air-control: Command line app for controlling Philips air purifiers

You can take a look at this thread for details: Philips Air Purifier - #8 by HaUserFromFarAway

Samsung does not seem to be controllable without going through cloud services.

Hello, I bought a 3033, it work with coap integration using hacs and this component


I’ve just done a rewrite of this component with loads of breaking changes.

Thank you :+1:
I just update with your integration and both my philips are running without issue