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[SOLVED] Alarm_control_panel.alarm_trigger service doesn't trigger the alarm


Hi everyone, first time poster here !
I recently fell in love with HA, and i’m starting to have a nice set up (for a newbie). I’m now setting up an alarm with the alarm control panel, everything seems fine, except that I can’t make the alarm_control_panel.alarm_trigger service work, even manually. I first thought I had a problem in my automation (although I got it from the documentation), but I realized that when I call the service from the development tool, it never triggers :

When I click “Call service”, nothing happens.

It works with very other service : arm_home, arm_away, disarm…
For the sake of my tests, pending time, delay time etc are all at 0.
Does anyone have an idea about that ?
Thanks !


(sorry, can’t post more than one picture).
When I say “nothing happens”, that’s not 100% true, i get the notification :


but nothing else happens.


Another weird thing, in the development tool to call a service, if I choose “arm_home” for instance, it automatically select the right entity :


But if I choose “trigger”, I then have to manually select the entity…


Sorry, me again (kind of talking to myself), the only way to actually trigger the alarm is to use this tool :


The Set State button actually change the alarm’s state to “Triggered”, and then my automation scenario works, got my pushbullet notification.

I hope I’ll find a solution, 'cause if not I’ll have to let a note when I’m leaving : “Dear burglar, here is the url of Home Assistant, please log in with this password and set the Alarm state to ‘Triggered’”. Thanks."

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Hmm, looks like I’m the only one with this problem. I’ll keep digging and will try to update my message if I find something, it might help someone in the future.


Ok, found my problem, gonna leave the solution here in case one day someone encounters the same issue.
The key was in my sentence : “For the sake of my tests, pending time, delay time etc are all at 0.”. Trigger_time was also at zero, 'cause i thought it was the time before the alarm triggers… and finally understood it’s the trigger duration. Setting it à 120s did the trick…

Problem solved :slight_smile:


Hey … just wanted to let you know that I had the same issue, and this solved it!

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It also solve my issue! Thanks!

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thanks for your help I solved mine too :slight_smile:
by the way is it possible to somehow continue the alarm as long as there is motion ?

not that someone think : ok it will piss me off for 2 minutes then i’m good …