[solved by retrying] Zigbee2mqtt: pairing a new device w/ other then the coordinator?

I’m running zigbee2mqtt and want to pair a new device.
I think I have seen somewhere the advise to pair a new device at the location where it will be used (instead of with the coordinator) close to a router, right?
So I’m trying to pair a wireless button to a bulb (that bulb is a router according to the map in the UI)

In the z2m UI I set ‘Permit join (All)’ and try to pair the button but nothing happens.

I have more than 70 zigbee devices and I always pair them close to coordinator except wall switches that you have mount on the wall. After pairing I put device where I will be using it.
Try pairing it close to the coordinator.

Sometimes it takes a couple of tries for me, especially if the bulb already has a lower LQI.
I’d have to put the new device into pairing mode a couple of times before it detects.

If that doesn’t work, I pair it with the coordinator then put it in it’s final place.

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Hi guys, thanks for jumping in!
So I’m right that it should be possible that way?!
Of course I know that pairing with the coordinator will always work but was curious.

The bulb has a LQI of 51.
Don’t know if that’s sufficient.

In my experience, anything below 80 causes some missed commands sometimes. :frowning:

I have a few lights and switches on the opposite side of the house, when those drop to 76 LQI, I sometimes have to trigger on/off commands a couple times

May wanna get a repeater if that happens to you.

The lqi value is measured between coordinator and router or end device in z2m. But if you load map in z2m than you will see that lqi is much higher between routers and end devices when end device is connected to router. I don’t bother myself with low lqi.

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Solved by retrying.

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