[solved] Energy Card stopped counting after Time-switch

after the (german) time went back for one hour on Oct 31st, my energy-Dashboard stopped counting the consumption.
All the integrated sensors (utility_meter) still show the right values for day / week / month / year. Only the history in the energy-card is empty since oct 31st, 2am.
Anyone else having this problem?

have you restarted HA?
There was an issue with time patterns during the switch of DST - which also caused the recorder to stop.
Several users (me included) reported issues immediately after DST event - with the system running out of memory etc.

The recent Update 2021.10.07 contains some bugfixes in this direction.

I did restart before, without any changes. But after upating to 2021.10.7 it started couting again. Thank you for your help!