Solved - Google Home doesn't show up as an entity anymore

I’ve been fiddling with HA for a while on a RPi3. Recently bought a RPi4 and decided to start using that as my home automation hub. So installed everything on the RPi4 (by hand), and copied the YAMLs from the RPi3 to RPi4. Overall, i’ve got everything running that i had running on the RPi3.

I’m using Nabu Casa. And have been using my Google Home (mini) in HA as a media player on my RPi3.

But on my new RPi4, the Google Home is not detected as an entity anymore. Nowhere to be seen in the entity list (afaik).

I’ve done reboots, resyncs… no joy.

After a lot of Google-ing i did find . I always check release notes, always update my HA, so i did remember something like this, but since Google Home was doing find on my RPi3, i assumed somehow my config was o.k. and assumed it would also be on my RPi4.

So did i apparently have some key or something on my RPi3 that kept the Google Home working in HA, while i have lost that when i set up the RPi4 from scratch? If so, anybody had an idea whether i can copy over some other files from the RPi3 to make it work again :-)?

Apparently i forgot(?) i need to manually add it via Integrations > Google cast … Now it’s working.