[SOLVED] Individual MQTT entities being toggled simultaneously

Guys this is my first topic: I’ve looked in the forum for some info about the resolution of subject issue but couldn’t find anything…

This is basically the problem I’m currently facing with my hassio (on pi 3B+):
I’ve many configured switches like first gen. Philips HUE, some xiaomi plugs and various tasmotized sonoff switches (basic, POW R2, TH16, S26, touch…).
Everything was working fine since I’ve added the S26 plugin to MQTT integrations; what is basically happening now is that when I toggle the new entity, also one sonoff basic R2 toggles accordingly (ON when ON and OFF when OFF) and the same applies vice-versa (when I toggle the basic R2, the S26 changes status as well).
How could I “split” these two items to work without interfering to each other?

Here you have two screenshots of their states in developer, in case you need any additional info, please just ask.


In Tasmota, under configuration, mqtt, do they have a different name ?

Man… was it really that easy?
The S26 topic “accidentally” got the same value from the drop down menu…

Problem solved, thanks a lot :+1::+1::+1:.