[SOLVED] OTP Integration Token

I am trying to make kind of an access controll System using the OTP Integration, but i am on a RPI 4 b+ Running the Hassio Image, so i cant do the Commands given in the Description of the Integration.
Can you please help me, i am a HA noob and habe switched from openHAB 3 a few weeks ago.
(The idea is that i put a card in my main dashboard with my location on it, but only Show it if the correct code (from my otp App) is entered in a text field)

As far as i know, the token is up to your definition. The explanation in the documentation is just a generator for that token, but you can put in there whatever you want.

Have you tried using a combination of letters as your token? Something like “IREALLYLOVEHANOW”. This token you set in your configuration.yaml and put it in your authenticator app.

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Thanks for the fast reply.
How do i get the current code?
Is it an entity?
Just to clear this, here is my configuration.yaml part for otp:

  - platform: otp
    token: AD3435776767676

EDIT: found the solution myself from an error message in my otp App that said the token is too short and contains invalid characters

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Learned something again. :slight_smile: Good it’s working for you! :+1:

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