[Solved] [Q] Issue with case sensitive Telegram bot component

After updating to.86 my telegram bot did stop responding to me. After doublechecking everything I noticed that the issue happens due to partial case sensitivity in HA.

My automation looks like this:


  • service_template: notify.{{ trigger.event.data[“from_first”] }}_telegram

What it does is take the first name that I set in telegram and use it in my notification platform, where I have my family setup, each with their own notify. Until now HA took my name from telegram in all-small-letter format, even though my name is written with the first key as capital. That way
Now what happens is that HA picks up the name with it’s capital letter, BUT the config.yaml is read in all-small-letters only! The name does not match up and the action does not run. That means I have to set my name in telegram in all small letters for it to work.

Question: Is it possible to convert a word (name) in all-small-letters? Just like it did before? I want my name propperly written in Telegram. Also my bot should react to my commands as it did before.

Does this work…

service_template: "notify.{{ trigger.event.data['from_first'] | lower }}_telegram" 


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Yes, thank you it worked out of the box!

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