[solved] Shell_command

Using HASSIO 0.73.2


  • frontdoor_photo: touch /share/shell-command-is-working.txt

I call the service and get log
Unable to find service shell_command/frontdoor_photo


It is listed under services inside developer tools

restarted the all thing and works now

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I twisted my head for the same thing…
Stupid that a simple reload of config does not work for new shell_command entries.
This could be a bug maybe?

If you edit config yaml you MUST restart HA… only way

It seems kind of odd, since I considered “Reload core” = reload configuration.yaml
I’ll just restart the bastard in the future to ensure everything is updated.

it’s a common confusion for sure. There is some king of explanation of what reload core does. I’ll see if I can find it…


reload core only reloads things under homeassistant: in your config.yaml so for instance customize stuff. Note not everything in config yaml is under the homeassistant: first level…