Some help needed :)

Hello all!

I am (not) new to HA, I tried it 2 years ago, and then decided not to go further on HA, but staying at Domoticz. But I am facing limitations, Domoticz is only updated once a year, and well…the interface is rather outdated.

But before I definitly move over, I am just curious what to do best.

My Domoticz is Running on an RPI3, buying a RPI4 is not a problem, but do I need 4GB or 8?
I also want to connect an SSD.
The other possibility is to use a VM where HA is installed on. At this moment, I have that running! Deployed OVA template, did all settings and HA is up and running. The Host on which HA is running on, is on my seccond floor. My current Domoticz is near my fuse box downstairs, where all the cable come to…

This is where the challenge starts… if I keep using the VM, how can I connect:
USB ; P1 for Enery monitoring (currenlty on DOmoticz)
USB : MySensors, (currently on Domoticz)
USB : ZWave (currently on Domoticz)
USB : RFXCom Tranceiver (currently on Domoticz)

Putting all those devices in my VMware Host, does not fit, also not for reception usage :slight_smile:
So, I could only use the VM if i for some reason can use the RPI as a broker for HA (if that is possible), but it should work fast then…

Or is HA on RPI4 then a better choice? Then I would have a challenge for USB ports (may use a USB hub then…)

Any thoughts about this?

I am getting happy of HA :slight_smile:

The idea of connecting and passing through USB ports to VMs is not always straightforward and reliable, and introducing an RPI to be some sort of middleman just adds complexity.

My 2 cents… Seems like just an RPI running dedicated Hassio is the simplest, and most supported, approach.

Move your VM machine near the fuse box?

Unfortunately, there is no room, and not enough cooling for the VM :slight_smile:

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You can also have a second HA instance on the Pi and let them communicate with each other through remote-homeassistant or use USB-over-IP to get the USB sticks on the Pi to communicate over the network with your VM.