Some media_players do not support

Hi everyone!
I am facing problems with hassbian running Home Assistant 0.91.0.
Now some media_players and other components do not show anymore

  • Spotify
  • Echo devices (adding via alexa custom_component)
  • bluetooth_speaker
  • darksky
  • sonoff devices (adding via sonoff custom_component). Accutally, sonoff still work but if using frontend to turn on or off. However, if turing on or off manually or using ewelink app, states do not change on frontend on hass
    Anyone know the reasons? The version 0.91.0 does not support or anything wrong from my config?
    Minh Chau

First update to the patched 0.91.4 to see if it solves any of those issues.

Dear bosborne,
Thank you.
I will try