Some questions about zigbee

Hi folks,

I’m thinking about buing the RaspBee II module to integrate some sensors to my home assistant.

Is it possible to integrate Xiaomi Aqara devices to the RaspBee II or do I have to buy a Aqara-Hub?

What do you think about ZigBee?

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My many many many Xiaomi sensors talk quite happily to by ConbeeII stick, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t talk directly to a Raspbee module. I’m using Zigbee2MQTT.

What do I think about Zigbee? Wish I tried Zigbee before investing heavily in ZWave…

Do you have some door-/window-Sensors an do they give a “closed” signal?

I have TuYa TS0203 door contact sensors because they were cheap on eBay. They report open and closed.

Door Sensors: TuYa TS0203.
RGB Strip: Gledopto GL-MC-001P
Temperature / Humdity: Xiaomi WSDCGQ11LM
Lights: Innr BY 165
Door / Temperature: SmartThings IM6001-MPP01
LUX Sensor: Xiaomi GZCGQ01LM

That’s what I have on my system.

I use a HUSBZB-1 along with the ZHA integration. And I have Xiaomi Aqara door sensors that give both open and closed signals.

I just recently ditched my Smartthings V3 hub for the HUSBZB-1 and love it! I have 3 Smartthings buttons and 4 multipurpos sensors connected to is via ZHA. I’ll soon be adding 3 ZigBee puck outlets, 3 Tuya Temp / humidity sensors and 3 Tuya Zigbee power strips to it. I am curious if the Nortek HUSBZB-1 has a limit on how many entities it can handle? I’ve read some things that has me a little nervous about adding too many things to it.

I have 25 or so devices connected and I don’t have any issues. it’s not a lot but that is at least one data point.

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