Some theme help

Can anyone help with the code for changing color for a little blue dot?


I’d like this little blue dot to change color to red. But what do I need to add to my theme CSS?


add a line

  accent-color: "#FF0000"

to your theme

Followed your recommendation but unfortunately not the solution. But thanks for the reply anyway :sunglasses:


weird, because I tried it again, and it still works.

MTA: This assumes you’re not using the default theme. You have to use another theme in order for the accent color to change.

I am using a custom theme grabbed from someone else here :sunglasses:

The thing is that when I change to your suggestion, it also changes color of all the toggle buttons and a few other places. I didn’t want that, only for this little annotation dot. That way it’s easier to notice when a message is present in the pop-out menu.

Trouble is all those things are part of the accent color.

This should work for notification dot

accent-color: ‘#E45E65

Thanks for info Jim. I must accept the fact that it can’t be done then :frowning:
Your answer will be the final for my little quest to spice up the frontend.


Is this serious? Did my post not make sense? I r confuzed.

Yes your post made sense just clarifying remarks made after your post. :+1: