Something for a new contributor?

Hi everybody,

I’m working with a few partners and would love to contribute to Home-Assistant. We’re pretty new to open source, but when we found this project we were stunned by the strength of the community and all the amazing features Home-Assistant has to offer. I’m hoping this is the right forum for it, but I’d like to ask – does anyone has any recommendations for something for some newbies to work on?

I noticed some people have posted feature requests but didn’t know much about coding themselves, and I wonder if there might be a tag that exists or could be made for such requests to pair those with feature ideas with those with more technical experience. We were thinking a good start would be adding to the documentation.

I also noticed the project “Easyfix” on the repo that appears to be for easy to fix problems, but there’s not a lot of action going on there at the moment.

Please let me know if you have a feature you’d like help on, or any recommendations for a newbie to get involved! Thanks so much.


Like most projects, people work on things that interest them. Start with a simple component, or fixing something.

Do read this, it is important:

Thanks! Yes, I’ve been reading the documentation and got my development environment set up. I’ll keep thinking about a component to add and look for what I could fix.

Talk to the devs on discourse too.

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