Something to rotate a camera


I’m trying to find something like a stand on which I could put my camera on it and rotate the camera when I’m at home.
So basically, something like a disk which could rotate.

Preferably in zwave. But I’m open to other protocols and not something ugly as it is visible in my living room.

Anyone has seen something which could do the job ?


Just get a camera that rotates. This one is $50.
Youll probably spend that on a separate device that may or may not work for you.

But I don’t want to change the camera for now :slight_smile:
Currently a Nest Cam Indoor.

I found something with an ESP32 but unfortunately quite ugly.

Search for a electric rotating display stand and select one with remote.
Then you just need to find a way to mimic the remote.
There are several options for both infrared and radio frequency simulation available to HA.

Actually not a bad idea.
Never worked with this kind of tech and HA.
I’ll look into it.