Somfy covers action commands

Hello Guy’s …

so since this is my first post here, please stay calm whatever went wrong with this :slight_smile:

I have strong troubles to get my somfy io covers with conexxoon brought to HA working with own action commands on a picture-elements card in lovelace …

    # Raffstore Büro

              - type: state-icon
                title: Raffstore öffnen
                icon: mdi:window-shutter-open
                    action: toggle
                entity: cover.buro
                  top: 30%
                  left: 91%

so this is the only thing that would work … but toggle the covers is a bit dull …
i have no doubt and find no answers which action word is needed to close or open the cover per tap

i hope someone understand me and could help out :slight_smile:

Thanks in advice