Somfy hub (if using Somfy Connexoon IO - do i need a remote?)


i have many HA integrations, but buying new shades got me to require Somfy.

Based on remote they are proposing ( seems that the Somfy standard would be IO (and not RTS).

What is the minimum i need to integrate this into HA?
-most expensive is Tahoma (
-is Somfy Connexoon IO enough (

Does anyone have experience with Somfy? I wonder if i even need the remote if i buy directly Somfy Connexoon IO hub?


Hi @nymare,

Did you manage to get to a conclusion? I have some window shutters from somfy that i would like to integrate in home assistant.

Are your devices IO or RTS? You could use a Connexoon or TaHoma bridge for IO + RTS, or even a Velux KFL200 for IO if you want local control.