Somfy Open API - very slow updates


I have a number of screens and the Connexoon hub. Integration of the screens in Home Assistant was a breeze, and I can control the screens from Home Assistant, although if I close the screens using Home Assistant, I can’t open them for a while (can’t say exactly how much, but on the order of a minute), because the status update in Home Assistant is very slow.

Controlling the screens using remotes is much worse. This morning I closed the screens using a handheld remote, and it took Home Assistant about 50 minutes to register that the screens had been closed.

Is this a limitation of the Somfy API?

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In the afternoon, I opened the screens from Home Assistant. It took about half an hour for Home Assistant to register that the screens were actually opened - and that was then just about seven hours after Home Assistant registered that they had been closed.

It’s as if the screen status is polled about once an hour. Can that be it?

If I open the Connexoon Window app on my phone, the screen status in Home Assistant is updated within seconds.

Same here. But using a Tahoma box.
When changing the cover, window opener or blind positions whith the original remotes, the update isn’t visible for hours sometimes in HA.

When changing the position of one of the covers with HA, the status gets updated.

Looks like the status isn’t updated frequently.
I wonder if there’s a way to configure status refresh?

According to the Somfy integration author @tetienne , the problem lies within the Somfy API - not within the HA integration. The problem must, therefore, be fixed by Somfy developers, and they have not, it appears, said that it is a prioritized issue… Please cf HA issue #32930

Thx @uphillbattle for your answer.

Indeed, this issue is here since a long time. I have an idea of “hack”. Currently, to update the states of all the devices I call the Somfy endpoint to get all the states in one call. That’s this endpoint which is not updated. I have to check if I ping the state of one device, all the device states are updated. Otherwise, I will have to do a call for all the devices. Knowing the Somfy servers are really slow, I want to avoid this. It will greatly increase the number of request.

@tetienne, sounds like a good idea. I wish you luck! :slight_smile:

It is a bit strange, I think, that on one hand, Somfy advertise their API for application developers, while on the other hand, the API development appears to be somewhat slow. Let’s hope they resolve this issue sooner rather than later, or, if that fails, that you are able to provide a workaround along the lines of your idea.

So I played with their API. When you manipulate the device using it, the update are instantaneous. But as soon as you move them using your physical button, you have to open the Tahoma application to refresh the states, whatever you do with the API.

Ah, OK. Well, thank you for trying! :+1:

The best thing (until Somfy fixes their API, at least) would perhaps be to remove the Somfy remotes from the house (literally) and replace them with Zigbee or Z-Wave remotes and do all control via HA - even for the case when someone wants to use a remote.

Bearing in mind, however, that HA is still on the version (not quite stable enough for an acceptable Wife Acceptance Factor), I do like to ensure that anything I can control via HA can also be controlled the old fashioned way. So I’d better keep the Somfy remotes and hope for a fix from Somfy.