Somfy Overkiz integration

Hi, I am having an issue with an opening sensor from Somfy, that is integrated via Overkiz integration.
I Can see the sensor, no issues.
In the somfy app, the response time is instant, when the door is opened.

However, in Homeassistant, sometimes it responds almost instantly, but most cases, it takes up to several minutes, before the state changes from closed to open, and vice versa.

I Wanted to set lights to go on, when the door is opened, but it does not work, as the lights are not triggered due to the unchanged state of the sensor…

Anybody have a clue, how I can get instant feedback from the sensor to HA, otherwise my automation does not work…

Is the response time instant in the Somfy app, when you have the app open already? The Somfy app actually triggers a hard refresh of all states when you open the app. We cannot do this for Home Assistant, only periodically.

If you want to have it real-time, you probably should look for another sensor or use a scenario via Somfy.

See TimedOnOffLight (io:LightMicroModuleSomfyIOComponent) does not support state refresh in Overkiz · Issue #103183 · home-assistant/core ( and SlidingDiscreteGateWithPedestrianPosition does not have real-time state updates in Overkiz integration · Issue #95533 · home-assistant/core (