SongPal intergration

Hi so I have some sony speakers. they have WIFI built in and you can communicate with them through the app SongPal. I was just wondering if any one else has managed to link SongPal with Home Assistant so you can control it through HASS inseaded of buttons on the speaker or the app.


Most of the Sony Wi-Fi enable speakers are Google cast enabled, and therefore are working in hole assistant just like any other Google cast product.

I have 5 of those Sony speakers I manage those through the Google home android application. I only use the Sony song pal android app to upgrade the speaker’s firmware, and there is even an option for this to happen automagically

Hope this helps

Hi yeah I some times use them as chromecasts. But they are also used as TV speakers and when they on hdmi mode songpal says they are on the hdmi but chromecast on homeassistant says they are off. I was kind of looking at having home assistant doing something when they go to hdmi mode.

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