Sonoff bridge used for 433MHz weather sensors [help needed]

I have a number of 433MHz devices I’ve played around with over the years. In the past I wrote an Arduino code (cobbled together from other peoples’ effort mostly) that could read RF from 3 different types of devices, convert the bits to meaningful data, and echo that over MQTT to my HA software (HomeGenie at the time). It did work, but I want to update to using the Sonoff Bridge.

I have tinkered with OpenMQTTGateway in the past for Arduino and ESP but never got it working in the configuration I wanted (ESP8266/NodeMCU + RMF69) and gave up. The goal was to convert my existing protocol information over to something that used a ESP based platform (faster and more storage than Arduino) and utilized the RFM69 chip (higher performance, better range, lower power, etc). I never got the RFM libraries working on ESP with Arduino after weeks of searching and hacking at code.

The Sonoff Bridge + OMG or Tasmota/Portisch appear to be exactly what I need, but I can’t compile the Portisch firmware so I’m left to him for help. He’s too busy to help on my issue (issue #121)so I’m not sure where to go from here.

My overall goal is to have the sensors I have transmitting data into HA so I can use them for rules. I have seen a bunch of other 433MHz devices that I’d also add going forward if I could get the current set I own working.

Has anyone gotten the Sonoff Bridge to work receiving weather station type data and send it on to HA? Do you decode in the bridge or decode in HA? What is your configuration (OpenMQTTGateway, Tasmota+Portisch, etc)? I’ve got a lot of time invested and basically nothing to show for it yet.

Out of interest have you tried rtl_433?
It’s a software defined radio that uses cheap USB DVB dongles to receive and demodulate 433mhz signals.

It supports a bunch of different types of sensor


Yes by doing an hardware modification on sonoff rf bridge and using pilight on it.

You can also use a nodemcu (will be easier).
But the easiest way to have temp and hum is to use an esp32 and ble devices.

I’ve heard of pilight, but I thought it was for RPI only based on the name. It looks like this does a similar mod to what Portisch did to update the firmware when using Tasmota. I didn’t cut the traces on mine since I wanted to keep options open and there is another way to flash. I’ll read up on pilight though now that it looks like anot her option.

Btw, does tying directly to the receiver affect range or is that just the inboard hardware decoding?

As for rtl, yes I’ve looked into it before. I used a usb dingle on my windows PC when I first started looking at RF several years back. I never found the software decoding that good at the time, so I moved on. IIRC, using an rtl was very heavy on the processor during the transmission window. Since the rtl was to be connected to my HS system, I didn’t want to have multiply programs competing for computing cycles at the same time.