Sonoff CC2531 Repeater - How do I add it to Home Assistant after Flashing?

Hi, I am hoping to get some direction. I bought a cc2531 (I realized it is deprecated tech after receiving it) and flashed following this guide:

However, how do I add it to my HA. I have zha integration with tasmota firmware installed on the original Sonoff Zbbridge.

The cc2531 gas two buttons on them. Is there a way to press them to make it go into the mode to add it into Home Assistant? The reason to buy was to add this in deadspots to extend the network.

push the SW2 button for 10 seconds or more… untill red keeps blinking. That is pairing-mode… When its paired it should link once per second…

Thank you for the reply. It is not going in pairing mode. When I plug it in into a charger, the green led is solid. If I press SW1, led turns red and nothing else happens on pressing any other buttons. If I connect and press SW2, the green light turns off and doesn’t come on. If I keep SW2 pressed, it turns off the green led and it doesn’t come back on. I reflashed it and it is the same behaviour.