Sonoff Devices keeps requiring a Restart In HA to work after Idle for an hour or more

Hi, I am running Home Assistant Supervised version on Raspi4. I have about 10 four port Sonoff switches to control all my lights. Everything working fine but when I do not use home assistant for a few hours and come back to control lights than nothing works. I than have to go into Supervisor menu select
Ewelink and in Add-ons I click on Restart, than the switches work again.
I do have start on reboot and watchdog selected.
Can the experts here please point me in the right direction will be much appreciated.

I don’t think I can help you with your exact problem, but have you tried to use sonoffLAN instead of ewelink integration? I have a couple of devices and they work ok - no need to restart anything. From time to time I need to allow them to connect to internet to stop leds on switches from blinking. Otherwise they work based on local LAN connection.

Hi and thank you for the Info I will try DrZzs method and see if that helps. I am on LAN but trough the Ewelink add on from the supervisor store. Not sure if this method still connects to Ewelink servers every time and that is why I have to go do a Restart in Ewelink supervisor every now and again?
Do I need to delete Ewelink from supervisor store I have installed before I do DrZZs method?

Frankly, I don’t know. You may try to do this without removing the add-on. You may just have a situation that another entities are created in HA.

I am having the same issue and i just installed it yesterday. In my case I need to restart it everytime I make a service request via hass-cli.

I used to have SONOFF LAN but it required an update and then I saw Ewelink´s add on and thought it was perfect. But with this issue it is not suitable for a remote operation I am using it with. I guess I will go back SONOFF LAN.