Sonoff & HASS: Configuring inching settings?

Hi all,

Hope this is the right place, but I’m looking for advice on how to set the inching settings on a 4Ch relay board via sonoff.send_command, if that’s possible? Looks like it should be.

Eg: channel 1, inching ON, duration 5000

I have a requirement to be able to change inching duration based on temperatures.

Only docs I’ve found relate to sending via local TXT records, and borrowing similar parameter names and values doesn’t work.

Any help appreciated!


If anyone has any help on this I’d love to hear it too. I have a Sonoff 4Ch also and have channels 1 and 2 setup for my garage doors.

The settings work fine from the ewelink app and i have added the official Ewelink Integration to my HA install (Raspberry Pi HassOS) and can see the Garage door controller but when I click the toggle it doesn’s seem to use the same inching setting that I had in the ewelink app.

Clicking on the garage door 1 will open it but then the switch becomes unresponsive and does not do anything.

Same for switch 2. I belive because these are now being held open and as such i need to be able to specify the inching setting to set them only to power for 0.5 seconds. but where? how?

I’ve read a bit about using pulse settings using Tasmota and MQTT but to be honest i was kinda hoping there was some config i could do in the config.yaml file to specifiy the inching for this device rather than reflash etc.

Has anyone had any success with this or should i just leave it in the ewelink app?


Just spotted this reply! I eventually ditched it and moved the Sonoff over to esphome; so much easier and now I have a Helper in home assistant to simply change the inching setting.

in the esp sonoff needs to be tasomota ?

Thks !