Sonoff L1 lightstrip

Using HA for a few days now with sonoof official add-on and everything works fine except sonoff L1 led strip. While i can control the L1 from sonoff webUI inside HA , in the overview or in custom dashboards when I add it as “light” I get an error “Failed to call service light/turn_on” or “Failed to call service light/turn_off” . The call service shouldn’t be light.turn_on instead of light/turn_on ? Is there a place to look? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated by a newbie…:slight_smile:

light.turn_on works fine for me.
Still figuring out though which of the “data” settings are compatible with the L1.
For one it seems that you need to turn it on and then set a colour - doing both at the same time doesnt seem to work.
Havent figured out whether transitions work either …